Dreams for My Daughter – Part 2

photo 5Take afternoon naps in the grass.
That I would take you to California for the first time, and you would fall in love with my home.
That your Aunt Mary would teach you how to surf. That your uncle Andy would teach you the “Single Whip.”
That you would meet my best friends in the world—Ste Tru and Brosky.
How I longed to accompany you to your first rock show.
To hold your hand to cross the street when you learned how to walk.
To hold your hand when we traveled out of the country.
To teach you how to speak Spanish.
To buy flowers for your mom with you.
To hear you speak.
Your first sounds.
Your first words.
Your first sentence.
Your first sarcastic joke.
To take you to Terri for your first Chickpea Tuna Melt or Bacon-Chicken-Cheddar Ranch.
To buy sweet vegan treats with you. To memorize your favorite dessert.
To memorize everything.
To sing a worship song at church with you. To pray out loud with you. To study the Bible with you.
To hear you talk about what God is teaching you.
To have an extremely large dog to take care of with you.
How I longed and dreamed of so much for you to do and for you to be.
To know you.
To be surprised by you.
For me to do things a man would only do if he had a daughter.
To be proud of you.
Every second
of every hour
of every day.

Malia June,
My daughter
My baby girl.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.



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