A poem written by our beautiful friend Princy

I gasp.
That is all I can do.
Encompassing human emotions into a poem,
What the hell- what can I even say?

I imagine little tears,
Running down her tiny face
A soul, a spirit, up in space
Watching her mommy and daddy,
And saying-
“Please don’t cry, I’m okay!”

How quickly we crouch in our fragile shells,
When the mighty man is overcome by Nature’s demands.

She a shining ray of light,
So pure. So precious.
So out of sight.
But we keep her in mind when life gets tough.
She the superheroine. The fighter. The vegan champ.
I pity the memories that will never be brought,
The laughs, the smiles,
The enemies fought.
But God as witness
Knows thy plans.
He is here dear mother and father,
Take heart and comfort from His hands.

She is Queen.
She is calm.
She is peace.
She is “probably” everything in-between.

Love, thy hands give freely.
Lord, you are Love–
And take easily and as quickly.

Tears of a sister write these words,
But hope of another day to join with you in laughter,
Ignite them.

Condolences are applicable.
But my love and my peace,
I pray find you in dark clouded dreams.


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