A theme I have noticed over the last month is that so many people around us have stories of brokenness, hurt, and grief. Some are our friends, some acquaintances, some we barely know – but there is this longing for healing around every corner. We have heard about experiences that we cannot imagine going through; death, disease, tragedy. At the same time, Chris and I are walking through something we know is beyond our bearing.

I rode my bike to campus the other day in a daze, watching a man rolling his trash can up his driveway, a mother and her children playing at the playground, a woman taking a smoke-break from work on the stairs. I wondered, what are they going through? What kind of pain did they carry with them when they left the house today? And what is going to get them through this except God Himself?

It has been heart breaking to be in the seat of grief, the carrier of anything but joyful news. But it has been such a learning experience to know that God really does comfort those who have pain, struggle and heartache.


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