Sunshine State

babymoonChris and I have heard from several friends that taking a vacation with your spouse before you have your first child is such a blessing to the beginning of parenthood. So, we booked the cheapest vacation we could come up with to a location with the warmest water we could find.

The whole trip was a celebration of our family, our marriage, and our new baby-addition. We explored the boardwalks, went for walks at sunset on the beach, ate at local restaurants, went running at low tide, watched a movie outside at a park, swam a lot, visited a local art museum, went paddleboarding, and I got the chance to see wild dolphins jumping around in the ocean near our hotel. It was great to read books, to talk more than usual, and to have nowhere to go.

One night we got into a long discussion which was sparked by my recent study of Philippians 1. We talked for hours about what it looks like to live a life of abandon like Paul describes. He shares that the reason he wants to live is for the people he is ministering to, rather than for any other reason. That concept is so foreign to Chris and me … what about the things we want to accomplish on this earth? The dreams and desires that have been prompted by the passions God has given us? Our conversation didn’t lead us to any conclusions, just more questions over the next 24 hours about who God is calling us to be.

The following morning we were having devotions on 2 Corinthians 12 out on our hotel balcony and I felt prompted to pray for Malia. I prayed that she would teach us more about living a life for God than we could ever figure out living life on our own, that we would learn through her to understand that when we live in our weaknesses, God’s strength is made evident. When we were done praying, I felt like God had responded to that request with something like “She will.” It prompted a deep curiosity of how she would teach us, but I was certain that she would.


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