Telling the Family & Close Friends

Telling the Family & Close Friends

After three months of pregnancy, we were ready to tell the family and some close friends. To tell Chris’ parents and brother we sent them a crafty announcement with a small bird, that said “a little bird told me you’re going to be grandparents/an uncle”. To tell my dad and stepmom we sent an adorable book called “How to Babysit a Grandpa” with a little note inside. We told my mom, siblings and stepdad in New Orleans, when we were visiting for a wedding. Everyone was ecstatic. Some of them cried and all of them had hundreds of questions. Malia is the first grandchild on both sides of our family! So, people have been waiting for one for awhile.

During the month prior, our family moved out of our apartment temporarily to spend the summer doing urban ministry in New York City, we celebrated my 30th birthday with homemade vegan pizzas and friends, and we had the opportunity to join our friends, the Alberts, as they got married. We even danced as a family (to Justin Timberlake, of course).

This month was the season when everyone started giving us advice. “You should raise your kid with this expert’s method” “You should always go to your child when it’s crying, even in the middle of the night” “You can’t raise your kid’s vegan!” and so much more. I began praying and considering what it was going to be like to be a parent, raising a kid in this generation. How would God like us to raise this little one?


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