A Strong Heartbeat

Month 2

With much anticipation we hit the second month mark. Each day we would sit and dream, giggle and talk about our growing baby, then we’d enter into a room full of our friends and pretend like nothing abnormal was going in our lives. It was actually really fun.

We spent the month prior running our first race as a family (Chris beat Malia and me), traveling to New Hampshire for work, and hanging out with my best friend from Alaska.

Since I have had many friends in the last few years have miscarriages, I worried about that happening quite a bit this month. When I was at Toah Nipi one night worshipping, I prayed Hannah-like prayers, that God continue to give this baby life and I promised it’s whole life would be dedicated to Him. But, really it was in His hands.

We soon found out our baby was alive. We had our first appointment with the midwives at the two-month mark! We had a sonogram of Malia. She was a teeny-peanut looking object, but she had a strong heart beat. We verified that my pregnancy symptoms were normal and we were thrilled to see her grow over time.


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