Celebrating with Everyone

Celebrating with Everyone

We told everyone about our pregnancy by the end of month four, including the Facebook world, with a fun track-themed announcement. Malia is going to be born in January! I traveled to Wisconsin for work for two and a half weeks and had friends sing a “happy birthday”-esque song  with candles and so many others guessed I was pregnant by my unwillingness to hang out late into the night because I wanted to head back to my hotel room to sleep. Whenever we had group prayer, our friends begun to pray for our baby, just like she was sitting in the chair next to me. Thinking about it now make me so amazed, there was roaring anticipation.

We moved back from Manhattan, camped and hiked in the White Mountains, celebrated friends’ birthdays and took photos of half-asian looking babies that we saw in public and texted them to each other.

This is the month where I really learned how to pray for Malia. My stepmom sent me a bunch of books including “Praying Circles Around Your Children.” It was a short book, but blew my mind at the thought of God’s sovereignty and our formation through circumstances in our lives, especially raising a family.



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